Saturday, February 28, 2009

Global Positioning System

Global Positioning System (GPS) is the only satellite navigation system that works properly. This system uses 24 satellites that send signals to Earth Microwave. This signal is received by the recipient of the tool on the surface, and is used to determine position, speed, direction, and time. A system similar to the GPS anatara other Russian GLONASS, Galileo the European Union, India IRNSS.

This system was developed by the Department of Defense the United States, with the full name is NAVSTAR GPS (common mistake is that the NAVSTAR is an acronym, this is wrong, NAVSTAR is the name given by John Walsh, an important policy determination in the GPS). This collection of satel
lite managed by the 50th Space Wing Air Force United States. This system costs about U.S. $ 750 million per year, including the replacement of older satellites, and research and development.

Use Global Positioning System (GPS) 
Global Positioning System can work on the use of:

GPS is used for war purposes, such as guiding the direction bomb, or know where troops are. In this way we can know which friend is the opponent to avoid the wrong target, or menetukan troop movements.

GPS is also used as many instruments such as compass navigation. Several types of vehicles have been equipped with GPS tools for nivigasi, by adding a map, then can be used to guide driver, so the driver can find out where the lines should be chosen to achieve the desired goal.

Geographical Information System 
For GIS, GPS is often also involved in creating the map, such as measuring the distance the border, or as a reference measurement.

Vehicle tracking system 
Other uses GPS tracking is as vehicles, with car owners bamtuan GPS / fleet managers can know where there is only kendaraannya / asset movement is at this time.

The earthquake 
Even at this time, the GPS with high accuracy can be used to monitor the movement of land, the only ordenya mm per year. Monitoring the movement of land is useful to estimate the occurrence of the earthquake, the movement vulkanik or tektonik


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