Friday, March 20, 2009

LimeWire PRO v5.12

First of all in that review of Limewire PRO i want say that Limewire PRO - best p2p program then i ever seen. LimeWire is one of the best p2p program, but Limewire PRO more COOL! - Limewire PRO advanced version of Limewire p2p. Limewire Pro pay clients also exist. When Limewire PRO started to download something, it will surely download it all and not like other programs - that often pop with bugs in already-started downloads. LimeWire Pro has better searching ability which leads to better downloads. The LimeWire firewall to firewall ability makes it very adaptable. If you’re behind a weird router firewall, on a college LAN or in some other strange place. Some Limewire PRO features:

1. Limewire PRO: Better search results.
2. Limewire PRO: Turbo-charged download speeds
3. Limewire PRO: Connect to more sources
4. Limewire PRO: Special PRO only skin
5. Limewire PRO: Free tech support via email


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